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ESPA care for each individual’s whole wellbeing.

ESPA-Fitness-Shower-OIl-and rescue balm

Introducing the Newest products to our ESPA range in salon.

  • * ESPA Muscle Rescue Balm -An invigorating treatment balm for hard-working muscles.Intensely cooling Peppermint and Eucalyptus revive muscles, while warming Clove Bud and West Indian Bay Oils help to soothe and restore body and mind.
     For Best Results:

    1. Apply a small amount to muscle pre and post exercise.
    2. Massage into leg muscles with upward movements, for arms, neck and shoulders, work in circular motions.
    3. Apply to pulse points and deeply inhale the aroma to focus the mind and revive the senses.

  • * ESPA Fitness Shower Oil -A beautifully rich, naturally foaming shower oil to cleanse and soothe body and mind.Restorative West Indian Bay and Clove Bud oils soothe and relax, Lavender helps calm a busy mind, while deeply nourishing Coconut Oil leaves skin soft and supple.

    For Best Results:

    1. Massage into damp skin to create a soft lather.
    2. Inhale the therapeutic aromas and rinse.
    3. To intensify results, follow with Fitness Body Oil.


Product Of The Month

Balancing Duo

Includes the Balancing Foam Cleanser and Balancing Herbal Spafresh.

Foaming Cleanser: Olive oil and Sugarbeet to nourish and soften, Mandarin to balance natural oils and Yucca and Coconut to deeply cleanse without stripping the skin.

Herbal Spafresh: Peppermint to refine pores, Elderflower to soften and revitalise, Witch hazel to maintain the PH of the skin and Hydrates throughout the day.


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